Dalian Jukun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd owns the First Class of House Architectural Construction Primary Contractor qualification and It is a professional construction team which is especially for industry and civilian construction work with scientific and standardized management. The capital is sufficient, the work capacity is mighty.The company has about 1300 people (including foreign employees), in which, there are 117 engineers with advanced level accountant.

Fine project
TOYOTA GOSEI (Zhangjiagang)Technology Co., Ltd. Workshop
HIROSHIMA Aluminum Industry (Nantong)Co., Ltd. New Factory
Kureha(Changshu) Fluorine Material Co., Ltd
Shenyang Bridgestone Co., Ltd. New factory
ThyssenKrupp Valvetrain China Co., Ltd. Changzhou New plant
Kyokuto Auto Parts Manufacturing (Nantong) Co., Ltd New factory.
Pfizer Pharmaceutical (Wuxi ) Co., Ltd Plant Extension Project
Tianjin TOYOTA BOSHOKU Automotive Parts Co., Ltd New plant
Guangdong hongtu nantong die casting co. LTD GM High Performance Engine Aluminum
TODA Plastic Magnet Material (Zhejiang) Corp. New Plant
Wander Multi-Functional Building 1#、2# projects
ThyssenKrupp Presta Dalian Co., Ltd. Phase 6 workshop extension work
IKEA Manufactory (Dalian) Co., Ltd. New plant
PUNCH INDUSTRY DALIAN CO., LTD Block B Extend 4#,5#&6# building
TOYOTA GOSEI (Foshan) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Extension Project
Tianjin SANGO Auto-parts Co,Ltd. New Plant
TEMFELT Tianjin PMC CO., Ltd.(Finland)
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